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2017: We All Have a Roll

Thank you for joining us for the second annual higher education suicide prevention conference sponsored by the Higher Education Suicide Prevention Coalition, and funded by grants from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration and The Scattergood Foundation.

We had nearly 250 attendees from 80 Campuses and 17 states.

Each faculty, staff, and student plays a part in promoting positive mental health on campus, and when it comes to suicide prevention, we all need each other. Knowing that each part is valuable and needed to provide emotional, behavioral, and mental health support for our students, our theme for the 2017 HESPC Conference was “We All Have a Role.” This focus brings with it a public health approach of suicide prevention. As such, our breakout sessions focused on three spheres of health; universal, targeted, and indicated.

Universal Sphere: Breakout sessions feature presentations and trainings pertaining to working with all students and building their capacities.

Targeted Sphere: Breakout sessions feature presentations and trainings that focus on specific campus populations who are at an increased risk for mental health concerns and/or suicidal ideation or who might experience unique challenges in college.

Indicated Sphere: Breakout sessions feature presentations and trainings pertaining to working with one or a small group of students.

Student Mental Health Ambassadors: Geared toward students who are or are interested in being a champion for positive mental health practices oncampus. This track will allowed students to gain information on mental health promotion and suicide prevention, time for students to glean both from professionals and peers on ways to bring programming to campus, and empowering students to think big about ways to impact the campus culture around mental health. We are partnered with Active Minds and The Jed Foundation to provide content specific for students in our “Student Mental Health Ambassadors Track”.

Conference Materials

Conference Brochure
Powerpoint Slides for Presentations
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