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2018 HESPC Conference Registration

The 2018 HESPC Conference Registration is now open! Online registration will close on Sunday, May 13. Click below to register. Scroll down the page to learn more about special conference offerings.

Networking and Training Opportunities
The following present additional ways to get the most out of the conference.


Networking Dinners

On Monday, May 21, we are offering the option to continue to network and socialize with other conference attendees. The cost is $35, which is only to cover the cost of food for the event. Click here to purchase at ticket for the Counseling Center Dinner or the General Networking Dinner. (Those attending the conference from the IHE Teacher Prep Programs are automatically registered for the dinner and do not need to purchase a ticket.)


QPR Train the Trainer

We are offering QPR training for trainers. This is an 8 hour training and will wrap around the conference. It will start with a pre-conference training on Sunday, May 20 and conclude the evening of May 22. Registration is separate from conference registration, and there is an additional fee for this training. Click here for more information.


QPR Training

Cindy Richard of Suicide Prevention of York will be teaching QPR courses to those participating in the student track, on Monday, May 21 from 3-5:15 pm. Students are automatically enrolled in this training when they register. Click here to register for the student track.