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14 Sep

“You Matter” Suicide Prevention at Lackawanna College

Throughout April and May, Lackawanna College used mini-grant funds from the HESPC for the student-run “You Matter” campaign to promote suicide prevention. Activities and graphic installations were led by the College’s P.R.I.D.E. club and co-presented by the Student Wellness Program and the soon-to-be established Active Minds Chapter. The event and inspirational decals impacted approximately 57 students and 11 faculty and staff members.

  • A “You Matter” interactive table event that invited students, faculty and staff to contribute empowering messages and receive giveaway bags filled with Active Minds educational materials. The event extended to Instagram and Twitter where pictures posted of the event along with a selection of empowering messages. The event was presented with support from the College’s Student Wellness Program, Student Life Program, Student Engagement Department, and Public Safety.
  • The installation of 23 inspirational message decals in 10 different restrooms in two campus buildings. Lackawanna’s P.R.I.D.E. student organization selected a variety of decal designs to inspire self-confidence, self-care, and suicide prevention.