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QPR Train the Trainer Information

Training Location: College of Physicians, 19 South 22nd Street, Philadelphia, PA 19103 (This is approximately a 20-minute walk from the Thomas Jefferson University campus, where the remaining conference events will be held)

Parking Information: If you are driving in, the easiest option will be to find a parking garage near the College of Physicians. Click Here for parking information.

Meals: Both breakfast and lunch will be provided to participants. Dinner is not included.

Cost: The cost of your training is being supported by funds from the Garrett Lee Smith Youth Suicide Prevention Grant, a SAMHSA grant awarded to the Office of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services. Please be aware that QPR booklets MUST be handed out at all QPR trainings that you provide in the future. Booklets cost $3.00 each (slightly less if you buy in bulk) and are NOT covered by the grant.

Other Information:

· An overview of QPR is attached to this email. Remember that this is considered a basic “gatekeeper” training (this is not a clinical training). If you signed up for this course, you will be trained as a QPR instructor and will be able to teach QPR in the future. The target audience for QPR is a non-clinical population, which may include educators/faculty, campus staff, students, support staff (e.g., front office staff, food service, custodial staff), etc.

· Instructor materials will be handed out at the training event. This will include 25 QPR booklets for your use during QPR trainings that you provide in the future.

· Please note that your registration was partially covered by GLS grant funding, you will be asked to offer at least one QPR training per year on your campus for the remaining grant term (ends September 2019). Of course, you are welcome to do more, but this is the minimum expectation of the Garrett Lee Smith grant.

· The Garrett Lee Smith grant team is responsible for data reporting on all grant activities, including trainings. As such, we require that you report basic information about each QPR training you conduct for the remainder of the grant term (end of September 2019). The training report document is attached to this email and will be further discussed at the training (see “TASP Training Report Form_GLS Grant” attachment). If you have questions in advance about reporting requirements, please contact me.

· As an instructor, you will have access to a range of resources through the QPR website. QPR requires adherence to “core slides” but the training can be tailored to a particular setting (e.g., campuses). This will be further discussed at the Instructor training.

· Instructor certification is valid for 3 years from the date of training. Those that wish to renew certification beyond that time may do so for a cost of $85. This is not covered by the GLS grant.

QPR Overview

QPR Train the Trainer Guidelines

TASP Training Report Form