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1 May

Campus Wide Suicide Awareness Campaign

Blog post entry created by: Robert Liskowicz-Counseling Center Psychologist at The University of Scranton

During the first week of April, the Peer Health Education Team from the Center for Health Education & Wellness along with support from the Counseling Center at the University of Scranton engaged with over 810 students in discussion about suicide awareness, prevention and messages of hope. This was the first large-scale suicide prevention initiative coordinated by our student group, which we hope to implement on an annual basis.

Events included:

  • Wellness wagons to distribute information about suicide warning signs, coping skills, and wallet cards from the National Prevention Lifeline.
  • Visual presentation to show the prevalence of suicide among young adults – placed 75 chairs on the pathway from the student center to the common walkway in the middle of campus representing the amount of people worldwide who die by suicide during a 50-minute class.
  • Keynote Speaker – a speaker from the organization “Minding Your Mind” spoke to over 100 students, faculty, and staff about reducing the stigma of mental health, coping, and hope with a Q&A panel of counselors from the Counseling Center and the speaker to provide the audience a chance to ask follow-up questions and learn about on-campus resources.